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Good Teaching

is an act of service

As an educator, I believe in holistic teaching and learning.  Education is not reserved only for the classroom. Our neighborhoods, communities, cities, country, and the world serve as classrooms. Our friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, fellow humans, and life experiences are some of the best teachers.  My goal as an educator aligns with Detour's mission--to create a safe holistic learning space where we can experience art, education, community, and culture while uplifting the African Diaspora. 

I am dedicated to representation and real world application.  While my personal and professional praxis aims to serve my community--the African Diaspora--I have translated this passion to serve other communities for my students. I have engaged in culturally specific teaching that has touched on a broad spectrum of communities, launched a mock internship program for middle school students, and provided opportunities for student-led, high quality, fundraising events.  I am dedicated to providing space for students to, not only, learn new skills and garner knowledge but tap into their passions as well as personal and cultural assets. 

Good teaching, to me, is about facilitating an experience for others to explore, learn, and grow individually as well as collectively. 

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room

Good Teachers Understand

Every learner is unique

There is no cookie cutter methodology for producing model students.  Learners, whether children or adults, come into spaces with their own set of abilities, assets, and experiences.  As an educator, the best way to serve a myriad of personalities is to provide equitable opportunities.  Although, I excelled at school I have friends and family who struggled. I know part of their struggle was due to lack of options.  What do I mean? When every student is treated exactly the same in a classroom you're bound to lose a few.  When standardized testing and rote memorization is at the forefront you're bound to bore a few more.


Learning styles are as diverse and varied as the learners in a given setting; teaching styles and learning communities should reflect this fact. As an educator, I aim to serve students based on their individual needs. Maybe it's time.  Maybe it's an opportunity to create art instead of write a paper. Maybe it's an educational coach or purchasing a book in braille.  Maybe it's incorporating colloquialisms or arranging the space to accommodate a wheelchair.  I am about creating space where everyone feels they are a valued stakeholder in their own learning and growth as well as a valuable asset to the learning community. 

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