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Mission & Vision

We're going somewhere.

A celebration of black diasporic arts, culture, and literature.  We strive to maintain an eclectic, high-quality, community-based, educationally-focused, online presence that appeals and is accessible to individuals of all levels of artistic and cultural literacies, from the novice to the connoisseur.

We celebrate black manhood over here! Detour: Global Fly is honored to be a space where we highlight the accomplishments of African Diasporic men. A space where young black men can see their reflection in every fabric of the organization from the leadership to the content to the walls (literally). 

Speaking of walls, the current digital space and subsequent community education offerings are being used as the startup money to build the physical space. So, every course you attend or lesson plan you purchase is going to support DGF's mission to be the premier creative center for young black men to positively reshape their narrative, on their own terms, through arts, culture, education, and leadership.

**Have the heart to give? Believe in our mission & vision?

You can click here to see how you can support us as we support others!**

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