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DGF is dedicated to celebrating the breadth of the Black, African diaspora and building community. One way we stay true to that commitment is through cultural conversation. What’s going on in Black America? Cape Town? Toronto? Have you seen James Baldwin’s interview? Heard WizKid’s new song? Are you still reppin’ for change in Sudan? Nigeria? Did you read that new article on Kiese Laymon?

We hope so. 

Right now

We're going through a Baldwin phase so, enjoy!

To your right is "James Baldwin: Great Writers of the 20th Century." This short video is a great mix of Baldwin in his own words and Baldwin from the perspective of others.  Well worth the watch.  This month our cultural conversation is centered around Baldwin. You might also enjoy the following reads...

From the Washington Post: The mothers of Malcolm X, MLK and James Baldwin: New book explores how they shaped their sons

From The New Yorker: Letter from a Region in My Mind

A writer, activist, icon, and so much more, James Arthur Baldwin was, and still is, indeed an American treasure. Baldwin was a global-minded black man who was unabashedly himself.  You can find a suggested introductory reading/viewing list to Baldwin here (coming soon).  Interested in engaging with others on Baldwin? Check out our offerings here (coming soon). 


Portrait of James Baldwin

Previously on display @ Asheville Art Museum (Apr-Jun 2021)

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