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The Founder

Arts, Community, Culture, & Education

School LIbrary

A former public-school educator, now certificated in college teaching, I am dedicated to bringing collegiate quality education out of the walls of academia into the community.  I hold two Masters Degrees one in Arts Management and the other in Education. My passions are community, culture, education, and the arts. My expertise lies at the intersection of English Literature, Arts Management, & Community Education.  A sneakerhead, foodie, and avid traveler, I am a globally-minded creative who enjoys art, poetry, and loves the long-lost art of conversation.  I have dedicated myself and my work to my community, specifically, the celebration of the African Diaspora.

I have served as chair and co-chair for the ACT-SO Program as well as Youth Chair. I have volunteered in various capacities with several national and local nonprofits that focus on education, youth, equity, community building, and social justice. I was a member of the ADL Dream Dialogue and received certification in workshop facilitation. I am a member of AWP.  My community, cultural, and professional engagement are reflective of my personal as well professional goals and values. 

I do this work in honor of my late father. A young black man who never got to realize his dreams. 

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