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Detour: Global Fly

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“I keep trying to forget, but I must remember. And gather the scattered continents of a self, once whole. Before they plant flags and boundary my destiny…I'll need a passport just to simply reach the rest of me.” ~Saul Williams, “Gypsy Girl”


arts, culture & education

James Baldwin once said, “Our crowns have been bought and paid for…all we have to do is put them on our heads.” Detour: Global Fly (DGF) is dedicated to crowning black men by celebrating the laurels of black manhood.  It is a safe space with a carefully curated cultural and community-minded curriculum. DGF is rooted in the African diaspora and uses a global lens to (re)imagine and (re)examine narratives around blackness.

In this space Biggie meets Baldwin, Moké meets Morrison, Senghor meets Sizzla, Cleveland meets Cape Town, and black futures meet black history. This is where our salons meet traditional salons—real-world meets academia.  A space where cultural learning is primary and supplemented by the academy not the other way around.  Curriculum is rooted in culture rather than ineffectively standardized.  Content is real, relevant, and relatable.  It is dedicated to creating black cultural wealth and (re)building community. 

Creating a Lifestyle
Building A Legacy



Lesson plans. Guided activities. Curriculums. Reading lists.

All learning does not take place within classroom walls. Some of the most impactful learning happens at the feet of elders, in community centers, backyards, living rooms, digital, and imagined space.



Conversations. Lectures. Forums. Workshops. Communities.

Detour is that space where all facets of life converge—art, culture, community, social justice, academy, and everyday—through thoughtful interaction, intergenerational and intercultural sharing of knowledge.



Events. Galleries. Exhibitions. Cultures. Recipes. Cities.

The African diaspora is abundant in wealth. Looking for a cultural vacation destination or art exhibition?  Want to explore cuisine from the diaspora? Learn about our artists, our food, our cultures.

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