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Etana - I Rise Album 2014 PATCHED

Her fourth album, the Clive Hunt-produced I Rise, was released in October 2014 and entered the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart at number 7, and topped the chart in its second week of release. It remained at the number one spot for four weeks. Etana is the first female to top the reggae Billboard chart in over fifteen years.[6][7][8]

Etana - I Rise Album 2014


Do not miss the one and only Etana for a powerful night of roots music! . Presented by our friends at Higher Elevation and Fiddlehead Brewing helping us to celebrate the end of prohibition!---IT ALL STARTED IN 2006.Etana's first single Wrong Address struck a cord in many across the world, introducing Etana in a major way. The single, Wrong Address, was followed by the song entitled Roots in 2007 before she connected with VP Distribution Company.First album: Etana -the Strong OneProduced by VP Records Various Musicians and Musical producers. The Strong One - included hit singles like; Wrong Address, Roots, Warrior Love, and I am not afraid.Second Album: Free Expressions in 2011. Produced by VP Records Various Musicians and Musical producers. Distributed by VP Records. Shows growth lyrically and vocally with hit singles like; Free, People talk, August town, and Happy Heart. This second album landed on the reggae billboard at #11Album Number three: Better Tomorrow Produced by Shane Brown/VP Records. Shows Even more growth both lyrically and vocally. This album made it to number 9 on the Reggae Billboard.Fourth Album: I Rise - 2014 was Produced by Clive Hunt/VP Records. Powerful and more mature Etana on this album. This album made Etana the first female artist out of Jamaica to be number one on the Reggae Billboard in 17 years.Album Number Five: Reggae Forever. Produced by Etana/Andre Morris and Distributed by Tads Records. A powerful album that made it to number one of the reggae billboard and nominated by the Grammy Committee for best reggae album in 2018 making Etana the first female in over twenty years to be nominated.In November of 2019, Etana released her eight track EP which was a pleasant treat for her fans. Etana continues is now in the process of creating album number six and gearing up for 2020 tour and show dates.

Etana is considered to be one of the queens of reggae. She emerged on the reggae scene in 2008 with her debut album The Strong One and has not looked back since. Her debut album landed her a MOBO awards nomination for Best Reggae Artiste, and since then, she has maintained her strength and has continued to rise above expectations. She released her latest studio album, titled Gemini, in June 2020.

"We sold a lot of albums on the tour I Rise (2014), and Reggae Forever (2018). Many people were still asking for the Strong One, which was released in 2008, especially the new fans; that's the one they want," Etana said. 350c69d7ab


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